Although we try our best, sometimes our paintings rarely turn out as originally planned. Changes in the light, the limitations of your painting materials and the lack of experience and technique mean that what you start out trying to achieve may not come to life the way that you expected.

Although this can be frustrating and disappointing, it turns out that this can actually be good for you. Unexpected results have two benefits: you pretty quickly learn to deal with disappointment and realise that when one door closes, another opens. You also quickly learn to adapt and come up with creative solutions to the problems the painting presents and thinking out side the box will become your Second nature. In fact, creative problem-solving skills are incredibly useful in daily life, with which you’re more likely to be able to find a solution when problem arises.


虽然我们尽了最 大的努力,但是有时候我们的作品很少能达到预期的效果。光线的变化,绘画材料的局限性,以及缺乏经验和技巧,这些都意味着你开始想要呈现的效果最终可能并不会像你期望的那样实现。

这虽然可能会让你感到沮丧和失望,但实际上这对你是有好处的。意想不到的结果有两个好处: 你很快会学会处理失望,并意识到一扇门关闭,会有另一扇窗打开。你也会很快学会适应并想出创造性的解决方案来解决绘画中出现的问题,并且跳出固有思维模式将会成为你的第二天性。事实上,创造性的解决问题的技巧在日常生活中是非常有用的,当问题出现时,你更有可能找到解决办法。


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